Domestic Politics in the USA

US politics is dominated by four geographic factions dating back to the AI Conflict. Over time, these factions have increasingly come to resemble individual countries with separate foreign policies and security forces. The Federal government remains but is mostly a forum for settling trade disputes and coordinate military actions. 

The factions are as follows

New California Republic: Headquartered in Los Angeles and dominating most of the West Coast from the Mexican border to Portland. The semi-autonomous Seattle that enjoys prominent trade with other factions hamper their monopoly on Pacific Trade. The question of control over the Strait of Juan de Fuca causes frequent friction between NCR and the Central Republics. Originally sided with Google and Berkshire Hathaway for control of their inventions.

The Texas Association: Derogatorily named the New Confederates, TA is the second-largest of the factions and the most externally focused, contesting with Mexico and Brazil for domination of Central America. Retains close ties with France and Germany since the AI Conflict. Sided against the LAI computers and was the primary driver in their destruction.

New England: Still the economic and political center of the USA, NE contains New York and Washington. While smaller than any of the other factions, wealth, technology and a lack of internal issues allow them to project outwards. Sided with the LAI during the Conflict, in spite of having argued vocally for their shutdown. 

Central Republics: A loose confederation of the states that do not strongly identify with one of the three others. Stretching from Indianapolis and Detroit in the East to Denver and Seattle in the West, it is the largest of the three factions, but frequently find parts of it dominated by one of the more coherent factions. Ostensibly ruled from Chicago. Sided with the LAI during the Conflict, and was also the site of the majority of the fighting, leading to a deep economic recession that has so far prevented it from consolidating and escaping the influence of the other factions.

Domestic Politics in the USA

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